Part 7 – Saturday Night

Image by Prawny from Pixabay

So he finally asked me out on a date. He would pick me up and we would have our first date.

It’s Saturday evening, and as I’m getting dressed, doing my makeup, I began to feel nervous.  I sent this text to my friend.  He assured me, oh just nervesyou’ll be fine.  

Nerves? Why was I nervous?  I’ve gone on countless dates with men, what was this the 8th grade dance?  I continued getting dressed, applying my makeup and trying to calm myself. Finally, I was ready for the date. My cell phone rang – it was him. He said that he was waiting for me out front.  I hung up the phone, grabbed my purse and keys and was ready to head out the door.

I opened my front door and walked down the steps.  As he stepped out of the car, he smiled and said, “Hey you!”  I smiled back, but I was trying to stay cool with my best poker face. I said, heyyyy…(that’s all I could muster at the time).  I was nervous, felt sweaty, hot and cold at the same time (It was winter, so you could just imagine). What in the world was happening to me? Everything seemed like it was in slow motion. I kid you not! He walked up to me and pulled me in for thee most sensuous, tightest hug I have ever experienced. I couldn’t stop myself from inhaling more than once the scent of his cologne. He smelled so good!

And of course, that same feeling of familiarity was back!!  This time, it was like I was remembering his hug. As if I knew that embrace…it felt familiar to me somehow.  After we disconnected, I realized that he was laughing. What’s so funny, I asked. He answered, “You’re heart – I can feel it beating.  I nudged him in the arm, while he opened the car door for me to get in. But as he walked around to his side, I felt so embarrassed. He could he feel – against my winter coat and scarf, how fast my heart was beating? And why did he find that funny?

So much for being aloof!

11 thoughts on “Part 7 – Saturday Night

    1. πŸ€—πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ’–πŸ’– yes!!!!!!!!!!! I was feeling like, heyyy we met before! Now, I understand it’s the recognition lol. Drove me up the wall in the beginning 🀣

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