Part 6 – Did I Just Say That?

Image by Kadres from Pixabay

At 6 am, my cell phone began to vibrate. It was him – calling me, from his work landline phone. Of course, he wanted to know what I was talking about. So, I told him plainly: I think I may know where I know you from. The answer is in our tattoos. (As an aside, I know what you’re thinking. What in thee hell is she talking about Trust me, as soon as the words left my mouth – I realized I didn’t know what I was trying to say either. Okay, moving along).

To my relief, he was actually quite curious to hear my explanation. I began with my interpretation of why he felt very familiar to me. Like a distant memory. I told him, it must be linked to the tattoos. Don’t think I’m crazy with what I’m about to tell you, but… maybe, just maybe, we both were lovers or maybe even husband and wife – in ancient Egypt. Have you googled your name and saw the face of the ancient Egyptian god…yall are twins! Maybe, just maybe, we are reincarnated souls. He replied after laughing a bit, I don’t think you’re crazy, that could actually be a possibility.

After hearing those words, I felt utter relief. Here it was, 6 o’clock in the morning, and I’m talking about reincarnation, past lives and the likes. But what was much more interesting, here he was sitting on his work phone – talking about this TO ME! I asked once more just to give him an out if he felt weird out trying to continue on in this conversation: do you think I’m weird or something to feel this way? (Because I did!) He answered back – absolutely not. I was quiet, really – I was just in disbelief that I just shared this with anyone but myself. Like – girl…why would you do that?

After what I thought was an awkward silence, he said needed to both get off the phone, so we could start our day. I agreed because if he let me, I would have still continued that conversation. But as I was saying goodbye, he quickly interrupted me saying, I’d like to take you out Saturday night.

2 thoughts on “Part 6 – Did I Just Say That?

  1. Yep yep! I figured I’d document my personal journey. Telling my story… the good, the bad and the ugly truth lol. I was searching for this when I first discovered the twin flame journey.

    Thank ya thank ya.

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